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We are committed to helping Small & Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) thrive and grow into even larger businesses.

Let us be part of your success story with an asset loan.

What kind of asset do you need?
With our wide range of asset loans ranging from Generators, to Deep Freezers, to Grinding Machines, to electronics such as Television set, you can get your business afloat and generate that income you've always wanted.

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Why Asset Loans?

An Asset Loan is a loan meant to procure income-generating assets for clients, especially those with growing businesses to produce the following results.

Business Growth

With an asset loan from us, your business will receive the long needed boost that will facilitate the growth and expansion of your business.

Asset Multiplication

With our Asset Loans Initiative, within the shortest possible time, the asset value of your business would increase which in turn creates a multiplier effect that increases profit margins.

Multiple Income Sources

With an asset loan, you can increase the sources of income for your already existing business and expand your business into areas yet untouched.

Easy Accessibility

With our Asset Loans Initiative, you have fast and easy access to acquiring income-generating assets for your business with little or no hassles.

What We Offer

Grinding Machine

Grinding Machines

We offer a wide range of grinding machines.

Generating Sets

Our partnership with top vendors of Generators makes us your best choice in acquiring the machine that powers your business.

Deep Freezers

Get your small business running with a deep freezer.

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Asset Loans Details

Loan Size

Our asset loans facility ranges between #70,000 to #200,000.


Duration for Asset Loans is 6 to 10 months depending on choice number of months by client.

Grace Period

Our Asset Loans clients are given a Grace Period of 30 days before their loan repayment begins.

Interest Rate

We offer our Asset Loans at a flat interest rate of 3.5%.


No Collateral

Our loans are available and processed without any form of collateral.

Low Interest Rate

Our low interest rate makes our loans easy to pay without hassles.

Product Warranty

Our Asset Loan products are assured of good warranty period which allows for replacement or parts and maintenance.

No Initial Deposit

Even without an initial deposit, our Asset Loans are very much available to new client prospects.


Upon completion of loan tenure without defaults, our clients are entitled to special incentives.

More Loans

Our clients are rewarded with access to new asset loans upon completion of their loan tenures.